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Cisco Excess Additional Terms & Conditions.


(These guidelines are an addition to our standard terms and conditions)

  • Goods may have a small identification sticker showing that the units have been purchased through the Cisco Excess Used Product offering.
  • All part numbers end in WS indicating “Excess”.
  • Goods may not be supplied in their original Cisco boxes; however the product will be identified by original Cisco product labels and Cisco tape sealed where appropriate.
  • Cisco Excess Used Product is not guaranteed to come with accessories and, therefore, if required, these maybe purchased separately from Computerengland.
  • -WS product has a 30 days warranty. The product is Smartnetable, therefore, warranty can be extended by purchasing Smartnet.
  • Minor cosmetic imperfections are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty policy and therefore may not be acceptable for RMA return.
  • Due to the nature of the –WS product, inventory is dependent on the stock being available within the program. Customer orders may only be cancelled if the supplier advises that the product line will not be fulfilled due to Cisco Excess stock availability issues.
  • Duly authorized returns shall be sent back to the supplier at the buyer’s expense no later than 10 working days after the issuing of the RMA number. Goods returned outside of this period or goods not returned in their original unmarked packaging along with any associated cables, manuals etc. may be rejected and may require the RMA process to begin again and may invalidate any warranty arrangements offered on the goods in question.
  • The supplier will confirm if the goods returned will be credited or repaired. This information will be relayed to buyer. ComputerEngland will then either return the repaired goods to the buyer or issue a credit note. Credit notes will only be placed on the buyer’s account once the supplier has issued a credit note authorization.
  • All times or dates given for a delivery of the goods are given in good faith but without any responsibility on the part of the Company. Time of delivery shall not be of the essence of the contract nor shall the Company be under any liability for any delay beyond the Company’s control.
  • All products are excess used inventory that have a valid version of the IOS loaded and re-licensed by Cisco.